Zagreb Cable Car Parking

GARAGE0,80 €/hour
* Unable to purchase a day ticket
* payment for parking is possible only with bank cards on parking payment machines!

Zagreb Cable Car Parking is located next to the main building – Gračansko Dolje departure station. To check the parking lot location (address), click on the Location link. Outside parking is free. It consists of a central and a lateral part. The central part of the outside parking lot can accommodate 70 cars, 8 spaces for disabled. The side section can accommodate a total of 64 cars, 4 of which are reserved for the disabled.

Free outside parking capacity: 134 places
Garage parking capacity: 202 spaces

Zagreb Cable Car Parking
Zagreb Cable Car Parking Location

The price of parking in the garage is 0,80 EUR per hour. It is not possible to buy a day ticket, and for a lost ticket you pay 13,27 EUR. The garage can accommodate a little more than 200 cars on two floors. The entrance to the garage is on the north side of the main building – see photo below. The exit is on the south side.

Zagreb Cable Car Parking
Zagreb Cable Car garage entrance

The best solution for your car is to leave it in the parking lot in Gračansko Dolje. The great interest for the Medvednica mountain in recent months has burdened the Sljeme road a lot. It should be noted that there is still a parking problem at the very top – no good places to park your car. We recommend that you choose outdoor parking or a garage at the departure station.

Zagreb Cable Car parking

In case you need the Zagreb Electric Tram staff help, you can contact them by clicking on this Link. The size of the outdoor parking space can easily accommodate larger vehicles. The vehicles movements in the garage is modernly planned. Paying for parking at toll booths is easy and fast. Our experience is that staff is very helpful and will assist you in parking payment. Parking and traffic were solved perfectly by the reconstruction of access roads. The newly installed roundabout allows fast and safe vehicle flow. If the parking capacities are full, we suggest that you drive towards Bliznec Street. Pilana Bliznec is a restaurant at the very end of the street to which you will surely find a good parking space. Of course, this means an additional walk along one of the most beautifully landscaped trails on Medvednica.