Transport of pets in the Zagreb Cable Car

Free transport of pets is allowed according to the same rules as for transport by tram and bus. It is important to note that there can be only one pet in one gondola.

Read information on transporting dogs and other pets.

ZET rules:

Blind people have the right to bring a guide dog into the vehicle, people in wheelchairs to rehabilitation dogs, children with disabilities accompanied by parents and therapy dogs, and dog trainers dogs in school. A puppy dog ​​for socialization in the family may also be brought into the vehicle. Such dogs must wear an official harness.

Pets are also allowed, under special conditions.

Dogs up to 30 centimeters high, as well as cats and other small domestic animals may be transported, but in appropriate transport boxes. No additional ticket is charged for them.

It is also allowed to transport dogs that are more than 30 cm in height, provided that the dog has a muzzle and is led on a short leash, with the prescribed documentation, or a document on registration and vaccination against rabies. An additional ticket is charged for them in accordance with the valid Price List.

The passenger who brought the pet into the vehicle is responsible for his behavior and will compensate for the damage that the pet inflicts on other passengers in the vehicle or contaminates the vehicle so that the vehicle must be withdrawn to a storage room for cleaning.

The transport of dangerous dogs, determined by special regulations, is prohibited.

Passengers should wear faecal cleaning supplies to clean the surface of the vehicle that their pet contaminates. A passenger can bring only one pet into the vehicle.